EP 4: The Journey how to start any project

Calling all creatives!  This episode is for you!

In this episode, we are covering why and how I started the ABP podcast. 
We are also looking into some of the pitfalls a creative entrepreneur can face before they even start and while on their journey of creating content. 
Following topics are covered:

- Why procrastination is used as a self-defence mechanism and  is the biggest enemy of success as an entrepreneur
- Why other people don't care about you and you shouldn't either
- Should you follow trends?
- The ONE worst thing you can do when you start your social media marketing
- Why your audience will have to see your crappy content
- Why a horrible Youtube video was a good idea
- How to choose the right platform 

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EP 3: Scanner Personality and Finding Your Way I Interview w/beatsnphotos

The term "Scanner Personality" has been quite popular. More people are identifying themselves as "scanners" and celebrating their multidimensions, polymath interests. As this comes with some challenges, in a world that dominantly celebrates single interest personality, we are discussing in this podcast how to organise, work and schedule a life as a Scanner. 
The interview with Mona from beatsnphotos explores how she found the perfect balance between her different passions. 

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Barbara Sher “Scanner” Philosophy

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EP 2: Passport Privilege

The Passport Privilege

In today's podcast episode we will explore the definition and relevance of the passport privilege. If you are an avid traveller you may have heard of this term before but are not really sure what it actually means. In this episode, we will go behind the why and also how we can learn to deal with the challenges that come with different passports.  

EP 1: Those Apps are Travel Hacks

We are looking into different travel apps and must-haves that will help you to organise, plan and budget your travelling. A few essential apps have been changing the travel experience tremendously in the last couple of years. From Uber, Google Maps, Airbnb to XE Currency - we will discuss and evaluate those apps in a short overview.