How to take breathtaking pictures with your iPhone

I get many requests regarding the photography on my social feeds. So I just thought I its easier to see the process in a short video. The process for me is actually 30% preparation and 30% shooting and 40% editing. Getting the right background, lighting, angle and most important the STORY is key is key for each picture.  





Often underestimated, the background determines if a picture comes out clear and structured or messy and poorly planned. Especially photography on social a media tends to work better with really clear and minimalistic backgrounds. 

Left picture: Good example for a background, one colour palette, and the object is the main focus of the picture

Right picture:  Bad example, the background is very busy and distracts from the actual object



Try always to be on the same level as your subject. If you shoot an animal go down on their eye level. Depending on what effect you want to create, shoot from below or above. 
Some of the best photographers roll over the floor to get the best shot. 

Image 1 and 2: Animals are captured the best in pictures when lowering down to get on their eye level.

Image 3 and 4: Shot from low and high angle create completly different atmosphere in picture. 


Besides the angle, this is one of the most important facts for any picture. The simple rule is using natural light (keep the ISO low) and use frontal light that shines on the object, no behind. Trial and error is the best way to find the perfect spot for the object in order to create a unique outcome.

I captured the light in the photography below  from the right angle to let the person be more prominent in the picture  but at the same side being in complete alignment with the background and the nature surrounding him. 

 Image from my photography account  @leavisual

Image from my photography account @leavisual



The story doesn't always have to be that visible or spectacular. The beauty of photography is that everybody will find a different detail in the picture to adore, or to criticise. The story can be subtle like in the picture on the rights. Where is the story and what do you see in the picture? The movement of the pigeons, the girl feeding them in the background or the busy people walking by? 
Or more "in your face" and social media adapted like on the left. The story is pretty obvious: The blogger posing in an interesting travel location. Social media channels and a lot of bloggers tend to prefer the second variations, and I think that completely fine as long as it does not get to advertisy.

Happy creating and editing to everyone. Let me know what cameras, software, and advice you know to get the best results.