It took me almost three years to visit the Tower of London. A spooky tourist attraction which reminds people of the medieval dark times of the City. I had the chance to see this place for all these years since I came to London and I never did it. Always had an excuse. Little Lea would have just had her way and go. On her first day, she would have curiously discovered this overcrowded place. 
Here are just a few reasons why travel can trick your brain to make you feel like a child again, and actually happy. 

Same old, same old

On a normal day to day basis, there is rarely an occasion where we break out of the daily routine. We walk or drive a certain way to work every day. We drink our coffee in our favourite coffee shop. We go to the same store. Buy the same food and see the same people. There is nothing wrong with routine but on the other hand, we do not discover the full potential of the place we live in.  While on a journey or travelling, we allow ourselves to learn and to be impressed by the many things we see. 

The world is a playground:)

The world is a playground:)

The world is a playground

When we travel, we feel like children because we love to discover, play and see the world fearlessly. Everything seems to be like the next adventure that waits to be discovered. We do not separate ourselves from the environment, we want to connect to people. Speaking a few words in a foreign language and then be proud to order food while the waiter repeatedly says „I speak English too, no problem." No, we insist of showing of the five words we learnt because we want to connect. 

We allow ourselves to be impressed again  

Nobody ever said: "Macchu Pichu. Phew, that's just stones and some grass. I have that in my backyard.“ We are impressed by things that are new to us and from a different culture. Even when we travel in our own country the grass in the holiday destinations seems to be greener.  As a Londoner, I have to live with the stereotype that we are impressed by nothing. Somebody could juggle with some kittens, knives and ice-cream in front of us in the tube and we don’t even raise our head. Yes, in London you see everything and you are never impressed by anything. But when leaving the usual habitat, we blossom up and we allow ourselves to be impressed by the little things again. 

Climbing in a hole: Not pretty. Not grown up. But 100% fun

Climbing in a hole: Not pretty. Not grown up. But 100% fun

Being mindful  

When children play, they only play. When the run, the run. When they eat a messy cone of ice cream, they solely to that in that very moment.
On an everyday basis, most adults developed a more or less addictive relationship with their electronic devices and especially with their phones. I personally feel incomplete, almost showing significant withdrawal symptoms when I step out and I forgot my phone at home. A phone is the best distraction from being mindful. Just letting five minutes pass without checking, updating or socialising with somebody on your phone is a challenge for the modern adult. When travelling, we still document our adventures, but we are more selective in which moments we just keep completely to ourselves by enjoying the very moment. 

That's why travel makes us feel like a child again.  
It makes us feel like a child again in terms of being fearless, adventurous and full of living fully in the moment.