Don't believe the hype


My noble challenge of 30days of Yoga and Clean eating came to a down point. Not giving in but playing with the thought of reducing the intensity.

Not doing Yoga every day. 
Not eating clean every day. Skipping healthy routines for the sake of being lazy. 
Feeling energyless, tired and unmotivated. 
Am I foolhardy for believing in this challenge? 
I would lie if I would commit that I  have those thoughts, especially in the last week.  Work, social commitments and more work through me of my daily habit routine. 


Habits of routine

I didn't feel like quitting, but I felt like changing my routine a lot to make it easier for lazy me to sneak out of the corner again. 
I just wanted to skip yoga because I felt too tired to go down the road to my studio. 
I didn't want to keep up eating at least two out of three daily main meals mostly vegetables and healthy ingredients. 
But the main goal was to keep pushing. Not falling into the spiral of quitting. 

Don't believe the hype

So yes, I have been very excited and motivated about my progress, especially in Yoga. But there are also those days where you don't want to move and just chill on your couch with a bag of crisps. It is normal to have those thoughts and anybody who tells you there changing of habits was just positive and all wonderful is not telling you the truth. Don't believe the hype and just follow through, even if it doesn't feel motivated at the moment. Sometimes you have to follow through even if you do not see the bigger picture yet:)

Have a lovely week  Xx