What have we been doing?

Most of the year is already over.  One blink and it will be Christmas. Cosy socks and mulled wine. I can't imagine this right now because the summer is so real now. Summer means adventures, change and new challenges. It has always been like that for me ( possibly influenced by the fact that school holidays during the summer used to be THE time of the year). But even today I feel like that during the spring and summer time most things happen and develop. All the seeds we plant in the autumn and winter are coming to live now and are ready to be harvested. (Literally and metaphorical, by the way, I planted a pumpkin seed once and I with my green thumb it turned into a gigantic, colourful pumpkin plants.

I have spent some wonderful time at the WestCord Fashion Hotel in Amsterdam. It was definitely a place to relax and to recharge for me. I took the time to organise some of my latest posts.

On this occasion, I want to pass the last months on abutterflypath in a review.  


The summer lots of projects and creatives ideas came to live. I challenged myself, travelled more than before and shared my experience shameless with the world :) Click on each picture to find out more about the story behind it. 

How travel inspires you to write a cookbook

In the first interview from the new series, I am talking to Omer from Sudanesekitchen. He founded Sudanesekitchen after discovering his passion for home cooked, savory and delish meals. While studying away from home he learned how to cook traditional Sudanese food and eventually started to collect recipes. 

What started with a curious mind and taste buds is now a project that has been successfully crowdfunded in order to publish the unique cookbook. Besides that Omer creates 3-course dinners at Pop Up Kitchen Events in London and the rest of the UK.