Sporty Suli: Fitness is about improving and feeling good in your own skin

Why not talk to an expert in fitness, workouts and the gym life? I teamed up with Sporty Suli and she shares her thoughts on motivation, health and lifestyle in the interview below! 

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What motivated you to start?

Motivation didn’t come overnight for me. It was more like a step by step transition.
But one thing that drives me, is the fact that I knew for myself, that I didn’t want to be the old Suli anymore. I realised that I can be more than a girl that just lives for the weekends. I was looking for something that brings more joy and passion into my life then any bottle of alcohol or cigarettes can ever give me. I found my passion for fitness. Once I started I couldn’t get enough of it. And the more I trained the more I wanted to improve and learn.

Don’t expect miracles over next night. Focus on the process. Learn about exercises, workouts and different diets. And improve your knowledge and skills every day. The results will follow automatically. That’s why I don’t like the word “Diet”. Most of the time a diet program is only for a short period of time and doesn’t really educate the person.

People should focus on an overall healthy lifestyle, where you fuel your body with the right nutrition food and exercise daily.
Stick to real food, that actually fills you up and gives you all the nutrients you need. The less processed food you eat, the better.
Be prepared, if it is imported for you, you will find the time to plan your meals ahead and plan 1 hr of exercise every day.

What fitness myths you want to debunk?

Women should lift lower weights than men and do higher repetitions instead.

This myth is very common because women worry that lifting weights will bulk them up. However, Without chemical assistance, women cannot achieve extraordinary muscle growth. Because women’s testosterone is lower, they won’t be able to build as much muscle mass as men. But the typical 1,5 kg lady dumbbells won’t work because the resistance is too low to create change in the muscle. I recommend everyone (men and women) to focus on eight to ten repetitions with a weight that really challenges them.


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How important is the connection between thoughts, food and fitness outcome?

Without a proper diet, your body is not able to function at his full capacity. That’s why I am not a big fan of diets that put your body into a starvation mode, by only consuming 1200 kcal or less.
However, if your goal is to lose body weight you have to be in a calorie deficit (burn more calories then you consume). Therefore It is very important to be prepared! If you don’t have time to cook during the next days, you have to prepare your food in advance or find out where you can find healthy alternatives to snack on.

Who inspires you?

Too many! I am actually addicted to motivational speakers. I love to listen to them during my workouts or at home.
Here are a few: Gary Vee, Less Brown, Jessica Arevalo, a fitness entrepreneur and my boyfriend Daminda. He knows how to motivate me in every area of my life. So knowledgeable in fitness and entrepreneurship. Great inspiration!

Your social media story! How do you engage with followers! How are you outstanding as a fitness influencer?

I started posting on Instagram about 2 years ago. At that time I was mainly posting pictures of my healthy breakfast recipes. After some time more and more people started interacting with me and that motivated me to post more and more. My focus then shifted from food into fitness, because this is the biggest passion of mine. Right now I am posting a lot of my workouts on Instagram. I want to encourage as many girls as possible to go to the gym and do something for them self’s, and also take the fear of exercising away by showing step by step exercises that are easy to follow.
I believe engaging with your community is the most important thing of all. I focus mainly on educating my followers about fitness and healthy eating. Rather than just flashing my own half-naked body!
I strongly believe that fitness is about performance, improving yourself every day and feeling good in your own skin.
Unfortunately, many Instagram fitness girls have totally other perspectives these days.
99% of these girls portray them self’s in underwear, almost naked, flashing their button into the camera and calling it “empowerment”. Fitness is no longer about the sport and workout itself, it becomes an obscene contest of “who has the biggest butt” and “who can strip down the most” If you are waiting for my “butt pictures” you need to unfollow me because this is something nobody will ever see. I believe in educating people and showing empowerment through strength!

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What is your expat story?

I moved from Munich to London about 2 years ago. It was a great risk for me to move but also a great chance. I was really scared at the beginning, to leave my family, friends and all the comforts behind. But looking back it was the best decisions I had made so far.  I strongly believe that if you know deep down inside you, it is the right thing to do, but you are scared, you HAVE to do it!!! Fear is the indicator for me that I am doing the right thing!

How do you find living in London?

The life in London’s is very different than what I was used to in Munich. It is so diverted and you will never get bored. It is a great place for creatives, musicians, artists and entrepreneurs. If you are looking for an opportunity you will definitely find it in London’s.
For me, London was the place where I found myself and my passion. It was also the place where I learned to be accountable to myself. Without hard work, and without stepping out of my comfort zone I couldn’t stand long in this crazy expensive city!

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Accept the challenge of
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— Neeqs
 Outdoorshoot with neeqs

Outdoorshoot with neeqs

We connect more with people when we understand
that they have been gone through difficult times as we have.
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