How to use the 5 stages of change to achieve any Goal

Week one of my #30daysabutterflypathchallenge is completed YASS!
So, for now, I want to dive into what is happening in order to....

....What actually makes us change a behaviour pattern?
 The transtheoretical model of behaviour puts an emphasis on five stages we have to go through in order to change an actual behaviour:

1. Precontemplation ( Not ready)

In this stage you don't take any action, you don't even think about changing something. You are probably unaware of consequences of your behaviour and procrastination is your best friend. 

2. Contemplation ( Getting ready)

You are aware of the benefits and negative outcomes of change. You are thinking more frequently about the impacts of a behaviour change but you are still not taking action. 

3. Preparation (Ready)

You are making plans to take action. You have a goal in mind and you put your mind in the right place to start in the near future. 

4. Action

You are making some significant modifications and changes in your daily life based on your preparation and goal setting in the earlier stages. 

5. Maintenance 

You have made some changes and now you are working towards to maintain those new behaviour patterns.  You are less tempted to relapse and you are more confident in your new behaviour.  Research shows that maintenance can last up from 6 months up to 5 years.

So if you are reading the pot, you are probably between stage three and four. Ready to take action but something is holding you back.  Most people struggle to get to the action stage. I myself can plan things out for weeks and then not take action because I think it has to be perfect. 

A common misconception is to wait until the timing is better or even perfect. There is never a perfect time to start expect now. Opportunities come when you start creating and working on your goals, not by planning them and waiting for a great opportunity to pass by. 

Failure is fine

You will start working on a project, an idea or anything else. And you will fail. I can guarantee that. You miss some important points, you will forget a deadline, you will just mess it up. And that is totally okay because you will learn something which can be implemented in the future And just because you failed once does not mean that this is not for you, try it again with a different approach and keep it going. 

Just a quick update on my abutterflypathchallenge:



The Yoga Challenge has been amazing so far. I received so much support and knowledge already from my teacher and I am learning something new every day. I personally prefer ashtanga Yoga with a lot of movement because it is a real workout for me. 

Clean eating

I tend to have crazy cravings for fried and sweet foods. So my breakfasts are pretty balanced and I almost have my smoothies or just a fruit salad in the morning. It gives me a lot of energy and I love the sweetness of the fruits. 
In terms of my cravings, I get some cheat days and I am allowing myself to eat some junk food BUT combined with healthy foods. So if I want to eat chips, for example, I make sure to eat a giant salad and raw veggies on the side.  And I keep the next day very clean. 
I personally can keep my goals better, when I know that I have the chance to eat whatever I want as long as I keep it balanced. 

Let me know at what stage of change are you at the moment. And what is keeping you from getting to the next stage? Update and more diving into YOGA next week Xx