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I keep exploring the many definitions of beauty, creativity and female empowerment. And now also through photography. I have been interested in this area for quite a while but just recently rediscovered my passion for portrait and nature photography. And I always used to love Street photography. 
It has been said as a photographer you need to be creative, and as a model, you need to be beautiful and as an entrepreneur, you need to be empowered. But what do these words actually mean to you?

Creative? YES. Conventional? Maybe

Empowerment. I choose this term instead of feminism, as I feel that this has been misused a lot. And I feel empowerment should adapt to anybody, no matter what gender. So maybe we should just call it Strength. Period. Because everybody has a different definition of success, admiration, and social belonging. What I imply by that is the unconditional opportunity - to change, transform and expand. 
A personal example: I write about how I am a polymath . That I work as a blogger, model, behaviour therapist and more. I can be awkwardly shy and strange and in the next moment a social butterfly. 
A fact is, that most people are polymaths but through decades of social conditioning have been internalizing the fate of being a certain way that appears to be permanent. 



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and can't be defined by me or anybody else. Biologically beauty is a universal language that conveys information about health and fertility. So whatever characterizes a person as a suitable mating partner and being good for bearing, upbringing and protecting children can be defined as ‚external beauty‘ or being attractive. And these standards are universal and do not fully depend on the culture or social norms. Example: Healthy, clear skin indicates a healthy person with a good immune system and energy.  On the other hand, even the biological approach can't be solely the answer when it comes to defining beauty. We have to admit we are the product of our social environment and not only biological reasoning explain what we define as beautiful. Social norms, classism, sexism, and racism always played a big part of defining beauty.  Over centuries certain features have been promoted as beautiful, while others have been promoted as ugly. Therefore it is clear that beauty, as we define it in out today's society is healthy influenced by social norms, classism, racism, and sexism.



Same as beauty, creativity can't be defined per se. As creativity needs space to grow I realized that disconnecting for any forms of mind-altering sources (TV, Internet, other people and the constant stream of information) can be in favour. You rarely get creative when bombarded with information. There is a reason why so many people got their best ideas when taking a shower or even in their dreams.  Inspiring ideas some mostly when out mind is free and not altering by environmental distractions. And to be honest, everything can be creative 💫

If your London based and are interested in joining the project let me know @leavisual


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Last minute habit: From 1$ to 1378$ Super easy saving hack for the lazy

Hey, it's 2017! This fresh, fantastic Year just started and New Year Resolutions start to fade away faster than we had those shots last Saturday! If you looking for a super simple and helpful habit to start in less than 5 minutes and which will definitely reward you by the end of the year look no further, get from 1$ (or whatever currency) to 1378$ by the end of 2017.

Refocusing this year I start with something more like a necessity: Money. As in my earlier years  I always tried to avoid the thought of it, well almost demonising it, I am realising that money is just another exchange currency which allows a freer and more independent life. So saving up some extra pennies always comes in handy and everybody can relate to that!

As the first week of the new year comes already to an end, I wanted to suggest an easy but very effective way to just kick in one more goal/habit which can start right now and which way PAY OFF (literally) by the end of the year!

Save almost 1500 without any hustle
Originally this method became quite popular a few years ago through social media and it got pretty viral.

Start today by saving 1$
I prefer using an extra saving account which I just set up with my bank in less than 5 minutes, other people might like to buy a cute piggybank and slide in the coins and the greens every week (that’s totally up to the personal preference). 

How it works
Every week you put away a certain amount of money. In the first week, it's 1$, the second week 2$, the third 3$ and so on… In the 52nd week, you finally make your last saving of 52$  and through the year you have accumulated a cushion of 1378$.

Will it work for me?
It is my first time to try it by I am quite confident, as the payment will be made direct every week on my Saving accounts, which I created especially for this challenge. 1378$ might sound like peanuts to some people and like a huge sum to others but looking at the simplicity of this saving scheme and the reward in the end I will definitely give it a try. 

Copy this free schedule to track your savings with an ease. 

52 week money challenge



P.S. You could also mix the weeks up, for example, if you put away a larger sum during the beginning you can switch to keep it more balanced and the challenge a little bit more light (as December will be the hardest month for savings) 

Let me know what you think about the idea, will you try it and earn the fruits in December? 1378$ could be a nice vacation, a new media gadget or a start for your emergency savings.