Blue Mountains description

Beautiful images captured from my adventure in the Blue Mountains.

Where is it?

Remotely in the Blue Mountains, not too far away from the capital of Jamaica, Kingston 

What to expect?

This unique place is well hidden, no travel guide will inform you about this little place on earth. It's hard to get there but when travelers arrive in the village, they are warmly welcomed by the community.  You can stay overnight or just hang out for a few hours there, it is important to respect their religious rules regarding praying, church and gender roles while staying there. 

How to get there?


Take the public transport to Papine Square. You can get there with a minibus or just by taking a cab. From there ask for the next minibus to Redlight. From this small village in the blue mountains, you can either walk or (better option) take a cab. You need to point out that you want to go to the Rastafarian mountain village and the driver will drive as close as possible to the village, you will still end up to walk the last 25- 45 minutes straight up the hill, but it will be definitely worth it. 


When we arrived there, a traditional prayer service was just about to take place and we had the chance to experience this unique cultural event in person. 


The Creative Base

I keep exploring the many definitions of beauty, creativity and female empowerment. And now also through photography. I have been interested in this area for quite a while but just recently rediscovered my passion for portrait and nature photography. And I always used to love Street photography. 
It has been said as a photographer you need to be creative, and as a model, you need to be beautiful and as an entrepreneur, you need to be empowered. But what do these words actually mean to you?

Creative? YES. Conventional? Maybe

Empowerment. I choose this term instead of feminism, as I feel that this has been misused a lot. And I feel empowerment should adapt to anybody, no matter what gender. So maybe we should just call it Strength. Period. Because everybody has a different definition of success, admiration, and social belonging. What I imply by that is the unconditional opportunity - to change, transform and expand. 
A personal example: I write about how I am a polymath . That I work as a blogger, model, behaviour therapist and more. I can be awkwardly shy and strange and in the next moment a social butterfly. 
A fact is, that most people are polymaths but through decades of social conditioning have been internalizing the fate of being a certain way that appears to be permanent. 



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and can't be defined by me or anybody else. Biologically beauty is a universal language that conveys information about health and fertility. So whatever characterizes a person as a suitable mating partner and being good for bearing, upbringing and protecting children can be defined as ‚external beauty‘ or being attractive. And these standards are universal and do not fully depend on the culture or social norms. Example: Healthy, clear skin indicates a healthy person with a good immune system and energy.  On the other hand, even the biological approach can't be solely the answer when it comes to defining beauty. We have to admit we are the product of our social environment and not only biological reasoning explain what we define as beautiful. Social norms, classism, sexism, and racism always played a big part of defining beauty.  Over centuries certain features have been promoted as beautiful, while others have been promoted as ugly. Therefore it is clear that beauty, as we define it in out today's society is healthy influenced by social norms, classism, racism, and sexism.



Same as beauty, creativity can't be defined per se. As creativity needs space to grow I realized that disconnecting for any forms of mind-altering sources (TV, Internet, other people and the constant stream of information) can be in favour. You rarely get creative when bombarded with information. There is a reason why so many people got their best ideas when taking a shower or even in their dreams.  Inspiring ideas some mostly when out mind is free and not altering by environmental distractions. And to be honest, everything can be creative 💫

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The Unsocial Traveller In Me

Why I am unsocial while travelling

Summertime is vacation time. And I love to share and to see what people are doing when they are at new places. I normally share as much as possible for my blog when I have a chance. But this time I realized didn't upload anything from what I do or saw or did in the last couple days. No screenshot of the book I am reading, the fancy Marple syrup latte I tried for the first time, the skyline of the city from far away while sitting at the lake and seeing the sun slowly going down. Now snaps of what I ate or my face.

I didn't check my phone.  I didn't write into my WhatsApp groups to update everybody of what I am doing. Why not? Am I antisocial and forgetting everybody?

Not really, I just take the new environment all in. Because I couldn't be bothered to buy a SIM card for this country I only have internet on my phone when I get to a wifi spot. This leads to many moments of "where the fuck am I? Lost in the city again! " asking strangers for directions and moments without the comfortable distractions at the reach of your phone. Digital detox. Not being available feels so good. Not having the obligation to share my day.

And be refreshed when getting to the business. Because all the ideas are flowing now. Creativity needs space, silence and time to grow and to develop.


Why Creativity needs Isolation 

Some people tend to get really productive when they are on a plane. Because with no internet that can distract us, we start to use our creativity again. When was the last time you felt bored, alone, awkward in a social situation or even just a tiny little bit uncomfortable and you did not reach out for your phone for some comfort?


When Social Awkwardness takes over

We all know it. We are sitting in a room full of people, the public transport or even at a friends house. And everybody has their phone in the hand. Starring at the screen. Isolating through your headphones. No doubt, I love to get my morning commute going with some privacy of my own music. And I don't want to skip that at all. But I bet you have been in a surrounding where you grabbed your phone maybe because you didn't know what to say anymore, or you felt that everybody else was doing something super important on their phone. Or you wanted to connect to somebody but didn't know how so that's when you took your phone and showed them a funny video you just gave a like a minute before. I think it's not that bad to endure some social awkward occasions once in a while. And to deal with people the old school way. Either you just blankly ignore the fact/person that is caused the awkwardness or you can try to solve it with some offline chatting. I am out ✌🏾


Beachify your life: 5 secret beaches you have to visit

If there is something I love most about travelling than that's the fact that I always have to visit at least one beach in a country. I am a beach person. I love the sand, the sound of the waves, the salty air and the stillness just right before the sun goes does and almost falls into the ocean. 

Natural beaches

Yes, as you might have guessed I am not a fan of overcrowded part beaches. I prefer the stillness and the unbeatable comfort and luxury of an almost empty beach.
P.S. The beaches are not listed in a particular order.

1. Cuba: Beaches close to  Rio Tao  

Cubas most famous white sandy beaches are in Varadero. But if you like the adventure and a bicycle ride to a completely empty wild beach you have to go east.  About 10 miles from Baracoa, close to the river Tao you will find incredible wild and mysterious beaches. The sand is dark brown, almost black and you will feel like you are in the jungle. 

Sunburnt but relaxed. This beach is too unreal 

Sunburnt but relaxed. This beach is too unreal 

Space and silence

Space and silence

2. Jamaica:  Treasure Beach and Starve Gut Bay

One of the best and most tranquil beaches with the comfort of plenty of private guesthouse and lodges. The perfect trip for ecotourism and sustainable tourism in Jamaica. 

Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach

Silent beaches are just a few miles away from Treasure Beach

Silent beaches are just a few miles away from Treasure Beach

3. South Africa: Llandudno and Cape Penisula

The ocean looks extremely beautiful but the temperatures suggest to stay outside of the cold Atlantic during the most times of the year. But still, if you are into surfing, the beaches of the Cape Penisula will provide you with everything you need: Wind, Space and great waves. 

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise

4. Cape Verde: Sal

A beach that is not always empty, but its local charm and laid back atmosphere make up for that. You can watch fisherman coming home with their daily catch, schoolchildren jumping into the waves after a long day. 


5. Kenya: Mombasa 

White, sandy long beaches with not too many people can be found outside of the tourist areas of Mombasa Beach. Take a cab to the next beach and enjoy a dip in the warm, tropic ocean. Also perfect for snorkelling!

White sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water

White sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water

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13 Things I Learned Living Abroad


1.  You will take more risks in life

Living in a foreign country can be challenging and things you might have avoided in the past because you were afraid of them don’t bother you much anymore. You start to realise that a lot of fear is actually unjustified. Your new mantra is FEAR -  Face Everything And Rise


2.  You will appreciate things from your homeland you never paid attention to

How I miss my typical german whole wheat bread! And my potato sauce which I can’t get a handoff outside of Germany. Well, I don’t bother to get it, because I know somehow amazon.comwould make it possible but I prefer getting excited when I travel home and I know I can fill my shopping bag with those goods.

But it is not only about food, you will miss certain customs, cultural traditions and people. 


3.  You attract what you send

Every place on earth has the potential to help you to grow. Have great experiences and value your stay there. At the same time, you can experience negative things anywhere. It depends on what you are focussing on. Having a bad day in a foreign country can be either more dramatic for you, or you can refocus on the positive things you experienced and gain something from the challenge. 


4. You can find friends everywhere

True friends will always be there, no matter the distance. But let’s be honest, you also need a support network in your place. It never took me a lot of time to meet new interesting people. I found good friends in class, at work, on a bus, on my way to the supermarket, online, through my flatmates or out clubbing. It doesn’t really matter where you are as long as you keep your eyes and ears open and connect with people. 


5. Covered health insurance by your state is a privilege

I never really thought about that as a privilege as I grew up with this, but when I had to pay hundreds of dollars for a doctors visit I had this nostalgic feeling for my social health system from my home country. 


6. Your worldview will broaden and you will overthink old belief systems

Maybe you came to a country with a very specific image in your head. And you were disappointed that this image was nowhere to be found except in corny touristy shops in your hotel.  

We get bombarded with images about other countries on our TV screen and we grow up with a certain world view. When I was young, I actually really believed that South America was just a big jungle with piranhas and that all people in Scandinavian countries are walking around like Vikings. Though these beliefs sound silly to most of us today, we still maintain certain beliefs about regions in the world that we never challenged until we booked a ticket to this country.  A lot of that also has to do with a Eurocentric worldview that is imposed on all of us from early childhood (even when you are growing up outside of Europe, you will get the impression, through TV and Media, that life in Europe/ North America, is the ultimate goal).


7. The grass is not always greener on the other side

What is your motivation to live abroad? If you think that everything will be easier, brighter and more fun when living outside of your usual environment than you will be disappointed. 

You will be confronted with the same, when not even with more challenges. That’s adult life. 


8.  You depend on social communication technologies

I remember the first time when I went abroad to Cape Town, there was no whats app and no Wifi in every corner. Skype just came out and was the only real communication device I had. And when I was in Cuba in 2012 and 2014, there was no private Internet at all for me. So whenever I felt like calling home, I either had to line up for a public computer, check at my University and wait for the extremely slowly Wifi to connect... or I had to make an expensive call from my landline phone. Due to this experiences, I appreciate modern communication technology even more. 


9. You will get incredible homesick in the worst moments

When you are sick. When you try to explain yourself but nobody really understands you because you cannot talk in your mother langue. When your car breaks down. When you are lost. When somebody steals your money and cards. When you have a fight. And you think… Why am I even doing this to myself? And you get incredibly homesick. And then you think again. Why am I doing this to myself?  And then you remember and smile.


10. You will get addicted exploring the world and already plan the next trip

After living abroad and coming home you realise that the world is a book with many pages. You want to read them all. You want to hike through the jungle and explore the busiest cities in the world. You actually want more than just a one week vacation in that place. You start researching opportunities to work there. Find an accommodation and make connections. You know how to live out of the suitcase. 


11. You will become a minimalist by default

Moving around and travelling with a lot of stuff is just shit.  You look at these easy, almost floating people with only one small backpack and you befriend the idea of owning less stuff. You start to declutter and sell and give away things. And it actually is a pretty good feeling when you don’t have to carry so much stuff with you. 


12. You will question culture and social standards

You can find yourself in different social and cultural environments and you are a genius in adapting to theses. At the same time, you are realising that cultural norms are also just a giant construct which should nobody hinder anybody from living their life to their fullest potential, no matter how that might look. 


13.  You will become this abroad friend to your friends and family at home

That is probably one of the more negative sides of living abroad. You will receive invitations to social events which you can’t attend. And you will learn that some friendships are stronger than others because not all of them survive the distance. But this also has a good side, as quality in friendship is definitely more important than quantity. Living abroad is an experience that adds benefits to your live, give it a try :) What do you think about this? Are you an expat your self? What is your story and what are your experiences? 

Me in Central London



Last minute habit: From 1$ to 1378$ Super easy saving hack for the lazy

Hey, it's 2017! This fresh, fantastic Year just started and New Year Resolutions start to fade away faster than we had those shots last Saturday! If you looking for a super simple and helpful habit to start in less than 5 minutes and which will definitely reward you by the end of the year look no further, get from 1$ (or whatever currency) to 1378$ by the end of 2017.

Refocusing this year I start with something more like a necessity: Money. As in my earlier years  I always tried to avoid the thought of it, well almost demonising it, I am realising that money is just another exchange currency which allows a freer and more independent life. So saving up some extra pennies always comes in handy and everybody can relate to that!

As the first week of the new year comes already to an end, I wanted to suggest an easy but very effective way to just kick in one more goal/habit which can start right now and which way PAY OFF (literally) by the end of the year!

Save almost 1500 without any hustle
Originally this method became quite popular a few years ago through social media and it got pretty viral.

Start today by saving 1$
I prefer using an extra saving account which I just set up with my bank in less than 5 minutes, other people might like to buy a cute piggybank and slide in the coins and the greens every week (that’s totally up to the personal preference). 

How it works
Every week you put away a certain amount of money. In the first week, it's 1$, the second week 2$, the third 3$ and so on… In the 52nd week, you finally make your last saving of 52$  and through the year you have accumulated a cushion of 1378$.

Will it work for me?
It is my first time to try it by I am quite confident, as the payment will be made direct every week on my Saving accounts, which I created especially for this challenge. 1378$ might sound like peanuts to some people and like a huge sum to others but looking at the simplicity of this saving scheme and the reward in the end I will definitely give it a try. 

Copy this free schedule to track your savings with an ease. 

52 week money challenge



P.S. You could also mix the weeks up, for example, if you put away a larger sum during the beginning you can switch to keep it more balanced and the challenge a little bit more light (as December will be the hardest month for savings) 

Let me know what you think about the idea, will you try it and earn the fruits in December? 1378$ could be a nice vacation, a new media gadget or a start for your emergency savings. 

Why you should travel to Cuba now. Updated 2018

Everybody is talking about Cuba right now. This season more and more people are going to visit Cuba. The Cuba so many people love might be changing drastically in the next years. And probably the main reason why everybody is going now!

Nature in Central Cuba

Nature in Central Cuba

Cuba is changing now more than ever. My love for this special island in the Caribbean doesn’t come from anywhere. I have always been dreaming about going to Cuba and to see what is behind the romanticised socialist dream. Between then and my final decision to study at the University of Havana for almost a year I had to get over quite a few obstacles but it was definitely worth it.

How did I get there?

Studying in Cuba wasn’t that easy as I expected. I remember that the attempts of making contact with my University were quite bumpy. Emails which never got a reply, expensive phone calls to dead ends and the language barrier made it difficult to get the essential information to make my decision. I know these circumstances have improved over the past few years and thanks to a broader internet connection on the island, it is easier to stay connected and find resources online.


When going for a vacation the restrictions and barriers are almost not there. Just book a flight and having a valid passport might be enough. You should also consider booking a place for the first few nights to stay. Good and affordable accommodations can be found on Airbnb.


How to get to Cuba

Best connections are offered to the capital Havana, sometimes cheaper options are displayed to Varadero or Holguin, if you can save more than 100$ on the plane ticket book the ticket to the smaller city, a bus trip to the capital is never more than 50$ and gives you the opportunity to see some other areas of the country right from the start.


What did I expect?

I didn’t expect the Cuban social revolution cliché with Rum, Salsa and Tobacco. But to my surprise, that is a lot of what I saw, mainly in tourist areas.

In my imagination, I was thinking it might be similar to Mexico or the Dominican Republic as I have visited those countries before and my perception of Latin and Caribbean countries was shaped by that experiences. But Cuba was a whole new experience. If you plan to leave your resort and get out there you can discover a completely different environment. Check out my previous blog post on how to discover Cuba!


What did I actually experience?

Experience is always subjective and therefore I can only talk for myself. Being an international student in Cuba is a unique experience with many ups and downs. There was always this fine line between me having the time of my life and getting frustrated over the daily struggles of bureaucracy. Cuba is the land of hospitality. People are always friendly, trying to help you, guide you and teach you. Protective and jovial, outgoing and full of creativity… that is how I would describe Cuba in on long sentence. See more about my experience being an international student in Cuba here.


Why is now the time to go to Cuba?

Every travel guide points Cuba out as the new „go-to" destination.  Cuba is very safe, especially for female traveller, still quite inexpensive and has good weather for the whole year. And as there are a lot of positive sides to this newly advanced tourism, it will change the landscape of this island immensely.  The new Cuba will be vibrant, colourful, amazing and unique, exactly as the old one but just a little bit different.

Update from 2018: Cubas tourism is more saturated and prices tend to rise. If possible avoid extreme touristy areas and visit smaller cities that like Holguin, Santa Clara, Guantanamo and Cienfuegos. 


6 Things you need to see in Florida

Florida. That's the state of white sandy beaches, pink flamingos, beach beauties and alligators. The excitement I felt going to Florida was like a long kept image about an almost fairy tale place came true.


My first trip to Florida was also my second trip to the United States. I still had my Big Apple mindset when boarding but I was soon teached otherwise. Florida's diverse and unique culture should not be compared to anywhere else. Expect Culture, Art, Nature and Adventure- the Sunshine state has it all!



First place to go and where most people will start is Miami. This vibrant city is a heaven for sun lovers, beachbabes and artistic people. Park somewhere outside of the city and take the public transport (which is cheap and reliable) or an UBER to get into the city center.



From the center you can easily hop into the next bus to get to the well known street art capital of Florida: Wynwood. I wouldn't recommend walking because we tried to walk from the city center to Wynwood via Google Maps and got totally lost, just to take the bus in the end for five minutes again! #touristnotonfleek

Wynwood emerged to a creative space for street artist from the City. There is art on almost every wall outside  plus you can also visit the galleries in the same area. Walking around there takes a few hours and is the perfect afternoon activity.

Who is who?

Who is who?



NEXT STOP: Little Havana

Buenas Dias, and welcome to the little Havana. I felt like I am back on a holiday in Cuba and the Spanish language was predominantly spoken. Check out the food, drink a Cuban coffee and watch the famous domino players in the park. 

Snapper, plantain, yuca (yam) and rice

Snapper, plantain, yuca (yam) and rice


Charged from the sun and you want to keep this Latin vibe so jump in the car and drive down to the Keys. It's a trip of a few hours but I would say it is definitely worth it. The closer you will get to the Caribbean islands, the more the Cuban and South American vibe will be present.


Great highway over the ocean goes straight down to the keys.

Great highway over the ocean goes straight down to the keys.

The Keys are a really tourist attraction and people from all over the world come to this remote land strip to relax and sunbath. The atmosphere is chilled, relaxed and mellow. The freshest seafood can be found here and fresh coconuts are sold on the streets. It feels like you are almost on a Caribbean island, but wait, we are still in the US.

Sombrero Beach 

Sombrero Beach 

After sunbathing at the Keys and City shopping in Miami, there is also the other side of Florida. The everglades, always green, wild and full of animals.

The highway takes you straight into the wild. Natural paths for hikers are located all over the and you can just stop and start your hike there.

I couldn't believe how many alligators I saw just swimming around everywhere. Keep your distance to these wild animals, especially when you see baby alligators because the mother will try to scare away everybody who comes too close to her babies!

The natural wetlands in Florida are an amazing place and every nature lover (ME!) will love this peaceful and mystic place. The preservation of the wildlife and the different animal species is the focus of various wildlife foundations in Florida. 

Last stop: West Coast. The west coast is the Uptown of Florida, heading west through the everglades you should check out Naples. The city with various beaches, gulf clubs and fancy restaurants will leave a big impression on you with its sunshine boulevards.

Private beach: Turtle beach 

Private beach: Turtle beach 

Environmental protection is a big think in Florida. 

Environmental protection is a big think in Florida. 

What is your experience? Have you ever been to Florida and what did you see there? Let  me know subscribe to stay tuned to the newest updates:)

5 signs you are in Cuba

5 signs you are in Cuba

Quite stereotypical for Cuba, but it is really one of the first thing every visitor recognizes. These pre revolutionary cars are still shining, polished and driving hundreds of people around every day.  And not only the cars are old, also trains, trucks and everything that has to do with transportation will make you realize how creative cubans are to keep old things in a very good condition.

AddiTravels: Guantánamo

AddiTravels: Guantánamo

After  months of traveling I passed every possible feeling. From excitement, anticipation, anger, frustration, love, fear, stress, exhausted,lucky,  annoyed to thankful. But the hardest feeling I kept in my mind was a big question mark about my coming and going feeling of happiness.