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A very frequent question I get asked is What I take with me when I travel and what gear I use. I am an advocate of less is more, therefore I am thriving to travel as light as possible.
Even though I am not a ‘textbook minimalist’ I love the idea of less is more. 

The first time I mindfully tried to pack extremely light when I went to Amsterdam for a 3day trip in the summer. Even though I could have packed more, I was totally happy to travel with my tiny backpack and a few clothes plus my DSLR Camera.



The camera I use at the moment is the Canon 5D Mark III And my iPhone 7. Depending on your niche, you can start travelling perfectly with just your iPhone Camera. The lenses are amazing and adjustable lenses and gimbals for the phone transform them into high-quality gear that definitely is good enough to start. 
If you are looking more into editing and professional photography you should invest in a good DSLR  or mirrorless camera, for videography other cameras might be the better option.  I can say that personal research is necessary, as everybody has a different need when it comes to camera gear.

 The most important tool is the person behind the camera anyway. 


Captured with the Canon 5D Mark III and edited in Lightroom

 Labadi Beach On A Cloudy Day, 2018 

Labadi Beach On A Cloudy Day, 2018 


The Canon  EF 24-105mm f/4.0 L IS USM Lens is my to go lens for any purpose. It works great for landscape photography and low light situations. The build-in stabiliser helps to get a crisp image and an amazing focus. 

I am using the Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II Lens  for portraits. The focus is amazing and due to the fixed focal length. You can create the blurry background with an ease. It is a great lens for beginner and it helps to learn how to interact with your subject as you have to move around, instead of just adjusting the camera lens. 


Portraits shoot with Canon EF 50mmf/1.8 II Lens for @abp_magazine

 Portrait in London, 2018

Portrait in London, 2018

 Portrait in Accra, 2018

Portrait in Accra, 2018


I was a little bit sceptical in the beginning but this external hard drive works just perfect for me. The rubber protection is so helpful for a person like me who accidentally drops all her gear once in a while. And you always want to backup your work just in case you run out of space or something happens to your laptop.


When travelling alone or for the case that your travel partner is tired of taking 500 pictures of you every day I recommend this amazing remote control device. Use it with a tripod and create amazing landscape pictures with you in the scene. 

 Adjust, focus, shoot, repeat

Adjust, focus, shoot, repeat


I always have at least one book with me that I love to read. I have various books on my kindle app as well but one hardcopy needs to be in my backpack. Most of the time it’s a non-fictional book but sometimes I also love to read fictions. Check out my Instagram Stories to find out what I am currently reading. 


"One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain” Oh yes, Bob you are so right and I couldn’t imagine going anywhere without music. 
In the old days I used to burn CDs for hours to take on my trip but today it's lucky easier and I create full and wonderful playlists for my trips on Spotify, make them available offline and have them with me all the time. 


More is less when it comes to packing the beauty bag. I love to use an all in one soap bar with natural ingredients and shea butter or coconut oil to keep me moisturised from head to toe.