Fly like



Hi I’m Lea,  Welcome to a butterflypath. 

A self-proclaimed polymath person with an academic background in Psychology and Sociology, endless travel desire and experience and a passion for food that makes you happy and healthy.  Living in London I am glad to have the opportunity to share my passion for lifestyle, travel health and self-development. 

I lived in and travelled to various countries like Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Cuba, Jamaica, Spain, UK, Egypt, Kenya, France, Netherlands, Turkey, Canada and the US.

I discovered my passion for travelling very early due to my curious mind. Naturally, I am very keen to see how life is all over the world.

It can be hard pursue your passion especially when society is telling you to be reasonable, to be happy with the familiar and doubtful towards the unknown.  A butterflypath shows how to travel on a shoestring, how to live abroad, plan a trip, the delusion of travel and how to keep it all together while doing it.