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A Butterfly Path is a digital lifestyle platform that publishes and produces travel, Photography and wellness content. 

My name is Lea, you can find me as @abutterflypath on Instagram. I am born and raised in Germany, based in London and a world traveller.

With an unravelling thirst for new adventures and ideas, I started travelling at a young age and decided to share my experiences with the world. As a self-taught visual Storyteller, I use a narrative approach to bring a new perspective not only on travelling but also the expat live. Focusing on areas that are more the off-beaten track and advocating responsible tourism I have a deep passion for connecting with local cultures and giving those a voice.  With an academic background in Psychology and Sociology raised and born in Germany, I lived and studied in South Africa, Cuba, Jamaica and now based in London.

I have an endless passion for photography, travel and connecting people. I am always looking for the next adventure and seeking new places and people to see. 

I started just travelling, without documenting it on this blog but feeling that I want my voice to be heart started this blog in 2016.
I am a self-taught photographer and you can find my work on @abp_magazine

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