A Butterfly Path is a digital lifestyle platform that publishes and produces travel, lifestyle, and wellness content. 
ABP has been created by Lea, due to her passion for travel, photography and holistic approaches to health.  APB is on a mission to show the richness of traveling and self-development by overcoming motivational blockades. 
Due to visual storytelling and inspirational photography, an international audience of expats, entrepreneurs and creative create one diverse community, 

ABP serves as a platform for people from different backgrounds to share their path and individual perspective on motivational and travel-related topics. 

From Photography topics, travel advice, health-related topics and the daily lifestyle choices- APB combines those areas under an umbrella.





The face behind the platform has a simple mission. She is sharing her passion for travel, health, and lifestyle with a holistic approach.  With an unraveling thirst for new adventures and ideas, she started traveling at a young age and decided to share her unique experiences with the world. As a self-taught visual Storyteller, she uses a narrative approach to bring a new perspective not only on traveling but also the expat live. Focusing on areas that are more the off-beaten track and advocating responsible tourism she has a deep passion for connecting with local cultures and giving those a voice.  Raised and born in Germany, lived and studied in South Africa, Cuba, Jamaica and now based in London she combines a cosmopolitan way of thought. 

Starting to capture her adventures online in 2016, her writings appeared in Thought Catalog, Matador Network, and other guest blog articles.  ABP collaborated with Lifestyle Brands like VenusArmy, JORDwatches and location-based cooperations with Tourism Boards and Hotels. 

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